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Calendar of Events 2017

International Institute for
Core Evolution & CoreSoma

Siegmar Gerken, PhD, ECP, HP (Psychotherapy)
Cornelia Gerken, CMP, ECP, HP (Psychotherapy)


USA: +1 (707) 202-5372
Europe: +49.201.9589394

Please check our website periodically since new events will be added throughout the year.

Personalized Intensives or Retreats in Core Evolution

Individual Intensives with Siegmar or Cornelia Gerken
can be booked throughout the year in Mendocino, California.

Personalized Couple Intensives with Cornelia and Siegmar
can be booked for February, March, June and July 2017.

We also offer individual work in our private practice in San Rafael, Marin County, as well as worldwide Skype sessions.

A dynamic, interactive experience in a group always has its own rich quality and you may also combine your deeper inquiry with the participation in a workshop. However, you may not have the time or a group does not seem to be the right setting for your topic or present process. Therefore, we offer these extended private consultations.

People from many parts of the world have chosen this format for more privacy, better time coordination or as a personal retreat. In general, people come to Personal Intensives/Retreats for 2 - 6 days. We will work with you twice a day for as long as it takes for your body-mind process to find insights, new perspectives integration and healing with a chosen topic.

Mendocino is an idyllic artist village on the Pacific Coast, 3 hours North of San Francisco. It is a treat to hike under the redwoods, rejuvenate with the pulsation of the ocean, roam the art galleries or nourish yourself in the award winning restaurants.

Please contact us to schedule an intensive or set up a session: Info@CoreEvolution.com

Trainings in
Integrative Body-Oriented and Mindfulness-Centered Therapy
and Integrative Body-Oriented and Mindfulness-Centered Consulting

Events in 2017
January - March 2017 Mendocino, California
Core Evolution
Individual & Couple Personal Retreats
Individually designed to meet your needs

February 4 JFK Univerisity, Pleasant Hill, California
Body Structure, Regulation, and Self Direction
This practicum will deepen the understanding and application of integrative principles of Somatic Psychology in working with the body - feeling – thinking -mind - process.
with Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D.

Times: 10 am - 4 pm
Contact us for more information.

March 6 Mendocino, California
Evening Lecture:
Love is the Resonance with the Flow of Live.
Embodiment, Personal Development, the Flow of Life and the State of Love

at Spirit House with Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D.

Times: 7 - 9 pm
Fee: $10 contribution to Spirit House; no one refused for lack of funds.
Times: 7 - 9 pm
Place: Spirit House, 16550 Franklin Rd., Fort Bragg, CA 95437; 707-961-0776

March 25 - 26 Mendocino, California
Love with the Will of Your Heart
The Mindfulness of Relating

at Spirit House with Siegmar & Cornelia Gerken
Times: Saturday 10am - 7pm; Sunday 10am - 5pm (bring a lunch).
Fee: Early enrollment discount:until March 10: $ 195.- after March 10: $ 245.-
Place: Spirit House, 16550 Franklin Rd., Fort Bragg, CA 95437

8. - 9. April Essen, Germany
Liebe ist die Resonanz mit den Fluss des Lebens
Der Core Evolution Ansatz zur Liebe, Intimität und Beziehung

Zeiten: Samstag 8. April von 10.00 - 19.00; Sonntag den 9. April von 9.30 - 16.00
Ort: Essen-Kettwig, (auch mit dem Zug zu erreichbar)
Kosten: Frühbucher: Euro 245.- bis zum 28. Februar 2017; Euro 295.- nach dem 28. Februar 2017
Information und Anmeldung: Info@CoreEvolution.com; Telefon: 0201.9589394 (mit Anrufbeantworter).

21. - 23. April Zendo des Lebensgartens, Steyerberg, Germany
Achtsamkeit, Zen und Psychotherapie
Mit dem Willen des Herzens den Geist und die Seele erforschen
Meditativ - psychodynamisch - körperorientiert • erfahrungszentriert
mit Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D. und Zen-Meister Roshi Rei Ho Hatlapa

(In German with translation into English if needed).
Ausführlichere Information und Anmeldung: Info@CoreEvolution.com

25. - 27. April Gesundheitszentrum Pentling bei Werl, Germany
Psyche und Soma Individuelle Intensiv-Sitzungen
Begrenzungen erkennen • Neues entdecken • Ressourcen aktivieren • Veränderungen einleiten


May 1 Frankfurt, Germany
Potential und Verwirklichung
Grundlagen des integrativen, körperorientierten und achtsamkeitszentrierten Ansatzes der Core Evolution Info@CoreEvolution.com

May 6. + 7. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Love is the Resonance
with the Flow of Life

The Mindfulness of Relating

Times: Saturday, 10am - 7pm; Sunday 10am - 5pm (bring a lunch).
Fee: Early enrollment until: April 3, Euro 175.-
After April 3, Euro 225.-

May 10 Zagreb, Croatia
Public Lecture with Experiential Exercises
Embodiment, Personal Development and the Power of Love

Heal Your Body • Find Emotional Integration • Harmonize Your Mind

Place: CORS - Centar Osobni Razvoj i Svjesnost; Slavonska avenija 3; 10000 Zagreb
Fee: Euro 15.-
Contact: Jagor Tomasevic, pozitivnanamjera@gmail.comTel. (+385) 99 4410257

May 15 Zagreb, Croatia
Embodiment, Personal Development and the Power of Love

A One-Day Core Evolution Intensive
with Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP

Integrate Your Past, Be in the Present, Shape Your Future

Time: Monday May 15, 2017 from 9.00 - 17.30
Place: CORS - Centar Osobni Razvoj i Svjesnost; Slavonska avenija 3; 10000 Zagreb
Fee: Euro 75.- until April 3, 2017; Euro 105.- after April 3, 2017
Contact: Jagor Tomasevic, pozitivnanamjera@gmail.comTel. (+385) 99 4410257

May 19 Bad Kissingen, Germany
Workshop zum Kongress Liebe
Klinik Heiligenfeld

June 5 - 10 La Jolla, San Diego, California
The Science of Consciousness
with Sir Roger Penrose, Stuart, Hameroff, Deepak Chopra and other thinkers on the cutting edge.

Siegmar will talk on: The Consciousness of the Body - Near Death Experience, Past, Present and Future Lives and the Lives In Between.

June 9 Encinitas, California
The Consciousness of the Body - Love is the Resonance with the Flow of Life™ Integrate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Future
Siegmar will hold a lecture and workshop.

California Institute of Human Sciences
The CIHS College has been founded by H. Motoyama. I have been a member of Motoyama’s research organization in the 1980s and 1990s, so I will enjoy giving a 5-hour presentation even more now at this college.

July 12 - 14 Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
Healing and Consciousness - Congress by the Ervin Laszlo Foundation
Siegmar is holding a lecture and workshop on:
Healing is the Resonance with the Flow of Life™ - Find Your Healer Within

August 3 - 6 near Hamburg, Germany
Congress: The Cycle of Life
Siegmar will give a lecture on:
The Cycle of Life in Core Evolution - How to Nourish the Light in Us.

August 11 - 15 Tuscany,Italy
The Will of Your Heart
The Joy of Aliveness is the Foundation for Integration and Healing

with Siegmar & Cornelia Gerken

Join us and rejuvenate in a personal retreat, while deepening your learning in an inspiring environment with wonderful people in a beautiful villa in Tuscany


1. - 3. September Frankfurt, Germany
Neues Training in Core Evolution
Anerkannte Ausbildung in Psychotherapie und Beratung
Integrativ • erfahrungsbezogen • körperorientiert • achtsamkeitszentriert

Bitte fordern Sie unser zehnseitiges Curriculum und weitere Trainingsunterlagen mit Daten und Kosten an: Info@CoreEvolution.com

8. - 10. September ZIST Penzberg, Germany
Core Evolution
Die Freude des Lebendigen als Grundlage der Therapie und Heilung

Integrative, körperorientierte und achtsamkeitszentrierte Psychotherapie

Termin: Fr., 8.9.2017, 18.30 h bis So., 10.9.2017, 14.00
Kursgebühr: 245 € (zuzüglich Vollpension)
Kursnummer: 170932

Themen, die in diesem Workshop erfahrungsbezogen und theoretisch angesprochen werden:
• Energetische Dimensionen körperpsychotherapeutischen Denkens.
• Das Körperfeld − die Felder, in denen wir leben − ein systemischer Ansatz.
• Die universalen Dimensionen von Therapie und Feinstofflichkeit.
• Die Schulung der Wahrnehmung und das Üben der Achtsamkeit als therapeutischer Ansatz in der Core Evolution.
• Übungen zur Matrix der Erdung − das Core-Evolution-Konzept, auf der Erde zu stehen und mit dem Himmel verbunden zu sein.
• Der Körper als Tempel der Seele − Ansätze zum Körperlesen, oder wie wir die persönliche Geschichte erfahrbar und sichtbar machen.
• Differenzierung traumatischer Erfahrungen – Entwicklungstrauma und Schocktrauma.
• Sichere Ansätze im Umgang mit intensiven Gefühlen.
• Die Ausrichtung der Energie und die Aktivierung der gesunden Lebenskraft.

Dieser Workshop bietet eine wertvolle Zeit der persönlichen Erfahrung und gibt praktische Anleitungen für die Integration in den Alltag sowie Handwerkszeug für die beratende und therapeutische Praxis.

Anmeldung und Information: https://www.zist.de/de/veranstaltung/selbsterfahrung/core-evolution-die-freude-des-lebendigen-als-grundlage-der-therapie

September 12 + 13 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Personal and Professional Advancement with Core Evolution
An Integrative, Body-Oriented and Mindfulness-Centered Approach to Therapy and Consulting

An International Seminar held in English
Extend your Summer with two days in the lovely city of Ljubljana on the river and take some time before or after the seminar to visit the village and lake of Bled, or see Piran on the Mediterranean Sea, or other gems of this country

Learn how Core Evolution can enrich any personal life and most professional situations in working with people in therapy, social work, organizations and consulting and other.

The topics will include:
• Principles of Mindfulness and their practical application;
• The Flow of Life and how to support it - with detailed exploration of life situations;
• Ways of Relating - intra-personal, inter-personal, inter-social and trans-personal aspects of living;
• The Social Brain - its neuroscientific foundations and how we can form heathy relationships, build creative and productive workplaces and a healthy society.

Short, concentrated lectures will summarize the topics with today's cutting edge knowledge and will lead to questions and answers and individual and group experiences.

Take home knowledge and tools that you can directly apply in your life and profession.

Fee: Early enrollment: until July 31: €225 / Regular price: after July 31 €275
Times: Tuesday, 12. September: 10 am to 8 pm / Wednesday, 13 September: 9:30 - 4 pm.

15. - 17. September Ljubljana, Slovenia
New Professional Slovenian Training in Core Evolution begins
More Information: Info@CoreEvolution.com

September 24 - October 22 Esalen, Big Sur, California
Legacy Group
Live the Will of Your Heart

The Mindfulness of Relating

A program to increase emotional, somatic and psychological awareness and personal fulfillment.
with Siegmar & Cornelia Gerken

To find out more about this incredible program contact us at: Info@CoreEvolution.com

November 1 - 5 Mexico City, Mexico
International Congress of Body-Oriented Psychotherapy
Siegmar will give a Pre-Congress Workshop, Lecture and Plenum at the Congress

November 10 - 12 Lebensgarten, Steyerberg, Germany
Mindfulness, Zen, and Psychotherapy Inquire into Mind and Soul with the
Will of Your Heart

Mindfulness, Zen and its Practical Application in, Humanistic, Body-Oriented and Transpersonal Psychotherapy
(in German with English translation if needed)

This seminar offers a deep understanding of the concepts of Mindfulness as practice of observing one’s inner experience, fully aware and non-judgmental and also offers tools to transfer these insights into positive actions for the personal and professional life.

Zen Master Roshi Rei Ho will guide us in the direct setting and practice of Mindfulness and Meditation. The environment of the Rinzai Zendo, the economic accommodation and communal atmosphere in the Lebensgarten will offer great support to the process.

This seminar will cover teaching, direct applied practice in form of meditation, breathing, movement, individual and group processes.

We address:
• The Principles and Practice of Mindfulness;
• Mindfulness and the understanding of Self in Western and Buddhist Psychology;
• Neuroscience and Mindfulness;
• Mindfulness and its integrative applications in the wide spectrum of Psychotherapy;
• Stress- and Burnout-Prevention;
• Health and psychosomatic issues;
• Mindfulness of relating.

Learn practices and tools for the application for wellbeing, joy and a presence in life.

Place: Zen Zendo, Lebensgarten, Steyerberg, Germany (between Minden and Hannover)
Times: Friday, November 10 15.00 - 18.30 and 19.45 - 21.30
Saturday, November 11 7.00 - 8.00; 9.15 - 13.00; 15.00 - 18.30; 19.45 - 21.15
Sunday, November 12 7.00 - 8.00; 9.15 - 13.30

20 hours of intensive experience, learning and transformation

Fee: Early enrollment: until 1. October € 275 / Regular price: after 1. October € 325 (does not include room and board, which you can arrange directly with Lebensgarten, 05764-2370 http://lebensgarten.de/seminarkalender/?id=&ord=&semId=170417
For Further questions and registration please contact: anmelden@lebensgarten.de

November 24 - 26 New Accelerated International European Training in Core Evolution
An Integrative Body-Oriented and Mindfulness-Centered Approach

A Certification Program with Pioneers and Leaders in the Field of Somatic, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

Advance your professional competence and deepen your life process

Further events will be scheduled.

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